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Dana Tosic

February 4 to 15, 2013
> Atelier Graff

JPEG - 137.1 kb
« Moments Between Moments #3 », 2011
© Dana Tosic

Atelier Graff is proud to welcome Dana Tosic for a two-week residency under its Trans-Canada exchange program with Open Studio (Toronto, Ontario).

Dana Tosic’s artistic practice explores notions of time, memory, and the body’s potential to imply narrative through movement, focusing on fleeting yet intimate moments that occur throughout the day: getting dressed/undressed, tying shoes, peeling fruit, sewing, washing, eating – motions in which we engage regularly, often in solitude. Because conscious thought is not required, they offer a time for reflection and introspection, allowing the mind to be both absorbed and disengaged. Each activity is broken down into stages of motion documented individually and later combined into a single image, using both digital photographs and 360 degree, 3D scans of the artist’s body. By applying these technologies to more traditional techniques (such as screenprint on plexiglas), she challenges definitions and demonstrates the continuing relevance of printmaking in a world increasingly dominated by digital technology.

Dana Tosic holds a BFA from Queen’s University and an MFA from the University of Calgary. In 2010, she was selected for the Tim Mara Graduate Student Exchange in the Printmaking Department at the Royal College of Art (London, U.K.), and she presented her research and artwork at the Printopolis International Symposium in Printmaking (Toronto). She is presently a member of Open Studio’s Board of Directors.


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