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Gwenaël Bélanger

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Dépeindre (Claude Tousignant, Accélérateur chromatique 64, 1967)
2003, impression jet d’encre, ed 5, 120 cm (diamètre)

Careful observation of commonplace images is the starting point for all of Gwenaël Bélanger’s projects. Using primarily photography and video, his productions reveal his crafty side, always playing with the limits of our perception of reality and the grey areas within it. His recent work explores the interaction, in various human activities, between what we see and what we imagine. Like an anthropologist Gwenaël Bélanger is interested in both images in the media and cultural objects, as long as they are rich in connotation. His pieces generally use the same system: a space for creation is arranged, like a building site, where constructions, manipulations and connections will occur. Through various strategies, subterfuges, tricks and processes, he transforms the real world (trivial, commonplace and ordinary life) so as to bring out the singular or the invisible, all while creating meaning around a single object’s placed in an elaborate setting.

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